Developer Competition

Earn up to

Until 30th Nov 2020

Registration for Huawei Developer Competition 2020 is now open

Ready to get your app on AppGallery and win rewards and cash prizes?

Huawei is excited to bring a new competition to all cc app developers

Every participant wins! From vouchers, high cash prizes, to targeted promotion to grow your app user base locally and internationally!

How it works*

  1. Sign up to automatically receive HUAWEI public cloud vouchers worth up to $200, no commitment!
  2. Upload your app to AppGallery to receive additional high value HUAWEI public cloud vouchers worth up to $4000!
  3. Make your app runs with HMS and receive additional cash prizes, up to cash for each successful app upload! Nothing more than a code update!
  4. Be one of the apps with the deeper HMS integration and receive additional promotion rewards: 60 million impressions through banners on AppGallery and push notifications